Bad winners and sore losers

Anyone who’s ever played bingo (and let’s face it, it’d be hard to find someone over the age of 5 who hasn’t played it in some form) will have experienced this: you’ve been listening carefully to the caller, you’ve got one or maybe two lines where you only need one more number before you’re in the money, you’re on the edge of your seat, and clear through the tension of the air someone else yells “BINGO!” Oh the frustration, oh the agony!

Certainly, to some of us Lady Luck bares her pearly white gnashers in a smile. To the rest of us, the only reason we’d see her teeth would be because she’d be about to bite us. On good days, most players when confronted with a loss would shrug and shake their heads with a chuckle. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles,” say the good losers, and play on in search of a less crumbly cookie.

Unfortunately, not all of us are good losers, and the annoyingly cheerful phrase, “It’s only a game!” could earn you a few broken teeth around some people. In a skit performed for Joe Bodolai’s show “After Hours” aired on the Comedy Network in Canada, comediennes Martina Gail and Nikki Payne demonstrate exactly how not to lose gracefully, and how not to win gracefully either, for that matter.

For those who don’t mind strong language and hair-pulling, and aren’t easily offended by 80’s hair and high-waisted shorts, you can view the clip above: