Do You Speak Bingo

Any game comes with its own lexicon. Understanding this language is key to being able to successfully participate in the sport. This is true for the game of bingo.

Blackout: No, this doesn’t refer to the lights going out. Blackout is a commonly used term meaning that all of the spaces on a bingo card need to be covered in order to win. Sometimes, this is also known as coverall.

Four Corners: This term also makes reference to a bingo pattern. Specifically, this is a pattern in 75 ball bingo where you must cover the numbers in each corner of the card.

Hard way Bingo: This term is not what you might think. It actually makes reference to needing to obtain a bingo in a straight line without the benefit of using the free space.

On-You would refer to yourself as being “on” when one or more of your cards needs one more number in order to be a winning card.

Postage Stamp- No, you won’t be sending anything through the post with this bingo term. Actually postage stamp refers to matching four numbers in a 2 x 2 grid to form a postage stamp. These would be found in any of the four corners of the bingo card.

Six Pack-This term isn’t referring to a set of abs or a pack of ale, actually this is a bingo term. This means in you need to get six numbers in a block on your card in order to win.

Nine Pack- This is the same as six pack but it requires nine numbers not six