Lucky 7 Bingo

Bingo comes in numerous varieties which provide players with a wide range of choice. One particular variety is a game known as Lucky 7 Bingo. You might wonder why the game is lucky seven. Why not lucky four or lucky either? Actually the number seven has long been associated with good fortune and luck.

When playing Lucky 7 Bingo there are two forms or patterns used in the game. One of these would be creating the shape of a number 7 on the card. This means all five spaces at the top of a 75 ball bingo card would be covered. Then the remaining four spaces as you go down diagonally are covered. This would use a total of 9 spaces including the free space.

Another version of Lucky 7 Bingo is a write-in form. Players are provided with a piece of paper that has seven empty boxes. In these boxes, they must write seven unique numbers. They can be any combination of numbers between 1 and 75. The caller then begins calling out numbers. The first player to have all seven boxes covered wins!