UK Bingo Halls vs. US Bingo Halls

Bingo is a popular game in many countries. Not only do the residents of the United Kingdom play the game but their English speaking cousins in America do as well. Although the citizens of these countries may share the same love of the game, there are major differences in how it is played.


In the United States, bingo halls as they exist in the UK are not found. Rather in American bingo is played predominantly in church basements, Senior Citizen centers or Veteran’s halls. OF course, some casinos so offer the game. However, casinos are rather limited in locations in the US. In the UK, bingo halls exist solely for bingo. Like the US, the game can be found in casinos. However, finding casinos throughout the realm is much easier in the UK.

The Game

The bingo variation played in the US is mainly 75 ball bingo while in the UK 90 ball bingo is the most preferred variation. This doesn’t mean that one cannot find the other version in either place. However, it may be rare and difficult to locate.


It seems that the refreshments offered in UK Bingo halls are generally more extensive than those of the American bingo sites. Alcohol is frequently served with appetizers. Most American bingo places serve basic refreshments if they do at all.