Valentine’s Day Looking for Love in all the Bingo Places

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is approaching, turning thoughts either to love, or the lack thereof. As many bingo enthusiasts know, wherever or however you may choose to play it, the game has far more to offer than the promise of winnings, with many friendships blossoming in bingo halls or online chat rooms. However, bingo can be a source of all kinds of relationships – a little searching reveals all kinds of bingo love opportunities from naughty to nuptial – whatever you’re looking for, it seems!

To put you in the mood for bingo love, try reading “Bingo My Heart Out – A Bingo Romance”, a love story in a number of instalments on, the first part of which describes the meeting of two lonely hearts as they yell “Bingo!” in unison at their local club.

If you have your eye on someone in your local bingo club and aren’t prepared to leave it to such chance, what better a way to make your feelings known than with a “Be Mine Valentine” dauber from If you’re a bit more of a big spender, necklaces, bracelets and earrings in silver and gold sporting bingo cards, logos, daubers and cages available at the same site might be your gift of choice.

If you’re looking for something spicier, players on Ann Summer’s bingo site (on St Minver – the same network as Littlewoods Bingo) stand to win toys for those who’d prefer to spend Valentine’s Day alone at home, as well as edible handcuffs and lingerie for those who don’t. If your style is a little more toned down, you might wish to tantalise your Valentine with’s Betty-Boop-and-bingo-themed robe (what you wear under it is up to you).

Throwing a Valentine’s Day party? A number of “Romance Bingo” party games can act as excellent icebreakers, and are available on a number of sites, using words of varying degrees of sauciness instead of numbers. If your Valentine romance goes further, in future it may lead to “Bridal Shower Bingo”. If you’re really forward thinking, you can even buy dual-sided bridal bingo, which flips over to reveal “Baby Shower Bingo”.

If you’re one of the many who’d rather just pretend Valentine’s Day wasn’t happening, curling up in front of the computer with a tub of ice-cream and submerging yourself in a few games of online bingo may be just the ticket to forgetting all about it.

However you choose to spend it, here’s hoping bingo brings you a better Valentine’s Day this year!